GitKraken for Linux running in WSL 2

Update April 2021

WSLg, Microsoft’s native Linux GUI solution, is now available on the Windows Insider dev channel. If you install and configure WSLg, you can skip pretty much this entire article and simply run

Our login flows for linking your hosting provider accounts will even work through your default browser in Windows :)


The Windows Subsystem for Linux provides a Linux environment integrated tightly into Windows 10. WSL 2 accomplishes this by running a Linux kernel in a virtual machine. …

Update from the future: Vue 2.5 introduced large changes to Typescript support. There’s some really great stuff, but this article is no longer correct.

For now, three tips:

  1. There’s a recommended configuration on the typescript support article in the vue documentation. Use it, but I had to add noImplicitThis: false . I’ll get into why in the article.
  2. The doc mentions using Vue.extend on component objects. Since single file components export component objects, do what it says.

3. You still need sfc.d.ts which is still…

Today I was trying to iterate through all the DOM elements with a certain class on the page, pull their attributes into an object, and compile these objects into an array. Sounds pretty simple, right? Apparently not. I ran into some trouble, so I wanted to write this to help others in similar situations.

The naïve (wrong ) way

I built a desktop this summer because I wanted to buy a Vive and start developing in virtual reality, but my MacBook’s GT750m just wasn’t going to cut it. Below, I detail how I can game, play in VR, and work day to day in a Virtual Machine and why I chose to make a VM my daily driver.

Here’s the pcpartpicker link. I’ll put the highlights below, but the hardware is definitely not the interesting part.

Xeon E3 1240 V5 @3.50GHz / 16GB DDR4 Ram / MSI GTX 1070 Aero 8G / 256GB Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD


Chuck Dries

Decent programmer, mediocre poet. Currently at Axosoft

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